Thief of Hearts: Adrianne Lenker’s Empathy

On a rainy night last February, Adrianne Lenker played a show at Pico Union Project, touring for her excellent solo record, abysskiss. Half way through the set a woman started to have a seizure. Lenker immediately called for the crowd to give her space, and after a few tough minutes, it passed and they were able to recover. “I’m sorry,” the woman mustered on her way out. Lenker sweetly, and yet also seriously reassured her, “We’re all in this boat together.” 

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Live Review: The Strokes’ “Global Comeback” at the Wiltern in L.A.

“The adults are talking!” exclaimed Julian Casablancas during a pause in the show. He’d revisit this phrase a few more times in the evening, but one could tell from the abrupt stop and the crowd chanting “New song! New song!” repeatedly, as well as roadies scrambling about trying to re-arrange the gear for an unexpected change in the set list, that the audience was in for a treat. “I’m gonna try my best on this one,” Casablancas confessed before the band ripped into the new addition to their repertoire. “Are you not entertained?” he teased near the end of the new song.

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So, What Was It Like Inside Aphex Twin’s First U.S. Club Show in 20+ Years?

For those of you not familiar with the music or the many monikers of Richard D. James (and if you clicked on this link I hope to God you are), let me run down the night in phases of his first non-festival show on U.S. soil in over two decades at Brooklyn’s Avant Gardener.

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Aziz Ansari’s “Road to Nowhere” is Tragedy plus Time

A lot has been said about Aziz Ansari as of late, especially since a year ago when allegations were made against him. So, as a result, it was natural to initially feel a little disconnected. And y’know what? He’s okay with that. He understands. But also, he just wants to set things right, put things on an equal playing field. Because what happened on the opening night of his L.A. run was not just comedy, but a sprite lesson on how to think critically, to get people to finally start questioning things at face value.

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System of a Down Proves There’s Still Something to Be Mad About

You’d think that after 13 years without releasing new music, System of a Down would start to show their age, maybe even slow down. With only five-six dates on this year’s “tour,” and by only playing sparse one-off shows in recent years, one would think their heyday has past.

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Live Review: Radiohead at Madison Square Garden

Radiohead have always had a knack for capturing the intangible, whether it’s the over-looming mysticism of Ok Computer or the ever-fleeting regrets in their latest work A Moon Shaped Pool. And when they translate it into live form, their soundscapes conjure up a transcendental feeling that far overcomes any live environment, whether it be main stage at Coachella, an arena like Madison Square Garden, or a small club in Hollywood like the Fonda. Once you enter the venue, or even the vicinity of it, the excitement becomes palpable.

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