Meet Emillo: ‘Livin’ On The Rise

Living in the local L.A. music scene, it’s easy to notice the inundation of new, local hip-hop talent coming out of the woodwork almost every day. It gets to a point where the kitchen becomes so cluttered, you can’t tell who is who or who’s making what anymore. The aim for the window to become groundbreaking and noticeable just feels like it’s ever-shrinking, also due to the fact that all these artists and producers have the same tool sets. They’re all using the same equipment and software, but it’s their approach that will ultimately determine if they’re filtered out among the significant ones.

Amongst all of these artists is Emillo, L.A. born and raised as well as raised in the rapid-changing hip-hop scene.

Balancing smooth R&B production with aggressive hip-hop vocals and melodies, Emillo separates himself in that he takes and borrows from the far corners of L.A.’s vast music scene. That is, not only “urban” genres, but also jazz and latin beats.

Much like Daniel Caesar or H.E.R., Emillo borrows from genres and sees them as tool sets, rather than a box to be labeled as. But, unlike other rising artists, Emillo just happens to be the most self-aware of the city, industry, and life around him.

He knows he can’t dis-associate with the foundation he’s been raised upon because he very well knows that he’s a product of his environment. He doesn’t rap about being “the best” because he already knows that that game has been played out. It’s not about being “the best” anymore, it’s about knowing what’s around you, knowing where you’re coming from, knowing your community, being self-aware, honest, truthful to yourself, self-effacing, and making songs that aren’t necessarily about things, but come from a place.

“Livin,” the new track from Emillo, is now available on all streaming services. The video is produced by Outer Heaven Creations in their third effort together, directed by V. Moses Navarro and cinematography by Alexander L. Dunn. Peep it below:





Featured photo courtesy of Outer Heaven Creations

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