Meet Boio: Brooklyn’s Next Best Psychedelic Duo

Brooklyn has always been a hot bed for multi-cultural pop, ever since the tech-boom of the early 2000s which caused a mass migration across the East River. And back then, the bands didn’t focus on one type of music. It wasn’t all one sound, but they were all different sounds, focused around one idea.

Boio reminds me of all these early to mid-2000s Brooklyn-based bands, but with a twist. With a mixture of baroque-pop and layered vocal melodies a la Beach Boys, they have an ability to create sensorial soundscapes evoking imagery within the mind of the listener. Such tunes have complex chord changes, unexpected key jumps… songs. The kind that conjure rich textures and feelings. But you know what? I almost don’t think about any of those things, because when I turn this song on, I prefer to just let it wash over me and let it operate on a different conscious level.

Check out the new single from Boio, “Dad,” below:



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